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When objects talk about an unique art, about an expression that was born by the meeting of new materials, weaves, dexterity, colour intensity… G.T.Design is the New italian Rug

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1. Why is the use of anti-slip undermats strongly advised?

For many reasons: to give the rug stability, to avoid damage to flooring or the rug itself, for thermal-isolation, to give consistency to finer rugs (e.g. Lanatinta, Whiteout, Loop, Echos, Si-č-sta).

2. Why aren't the rugs supplied with a rubberised undermat glued to the rug itself?

An undermat glued to the rug does not allow for correct cleaning: as a rule, dust passes through the fibres and can be cleared from under the rug. A glued undermat does not allow for this operation and the dust remains trapped in the fibre.

3. Why don't the coir rugs have a material border?

Because coir cannot be washed in water and the material border would soon be dirtied.

4. Why does the colour of the rug fade under light?

Because colour fastness cannot be guaranteed for any untreated natural fibres.

5. Why do coir rugs release material onto flooring?

Because at first, after opening the rug, the fibres relax and the excess from production is released. This inconvenience gradually disappears with use.

6. Can I wash the rugs in water?

It depends on what the rug is made of. For the rugs that can be washed, G.T.DESIGN can organize a washing service upon quotation.

7. Can I cut the rugs?

G.T.DESIGN does not advise this operation as the result cannot be guaranteed but custom sizes are available on request.

8. Is child labour used in production?

No. For this reason GT Design devolves a percentage of the profit on each rug sold to "Children Care & Fair", an international association dedicated to children's rights which opposes child labour through the building of schools and hospitals in India, Nepal and Pakistan. A commitment undertaken each year, since 1997.

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