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When objects talk about an unique art, about an expression that was born by the meeting of new materials, weaves, dexterity, colour intensity… G.T.Design is the New italian Rug

Hemp Sys < research

G.T. DESIGN has dedicated a lot of time and resources to the HempSys project, a European project working towards the recovery of hemp. Hemp production has a very low environmental impact and the fibre can be used to create products which are long-lasting and solid, anallergic and anti-static, thermal-insulating, breathable, and which do not attract dust-mites, mould or moths. Over the past three years, HempSys has researched and experimented on methods for reconstructing a sustainable production system for textile hemp, from field sowing and transformation to production phases. These studies have involved University bodies and production realities, amongst which G.T.DESIGN, in order to study the characteristics of hemp and use them according to industrial and technological standards, without neglecting the qualitative 'emotional' aspects of the fibre itself. The final HempSys conference "Design, Development and Up-Scaling of a Sustainable Production System for HEMP Textiles: an Integrated Quality SYStems Approach" was held in Bologna on 28th April 2006 at the Alma Mater Studiorum. For further info, please visit:


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