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When objects talk about an unique art, about an expression that was born by the meeting of new materials, weaves, dexterity, colour intensity… G.T.Design is the New italian Rug


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The rug is the earth upon which we are born. It resembles us. It's the first element around which we build an intimate and domestic area. It represents the fragrance, habits and poetics of a home. The rug is an archaic symbol which, for G.T.DESIGN, becomes contemporary, everyday, the sign which materializes the confines of personal space. The rug assumes a functionality free from conventions and renewed figurative power.


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Soft furnishings open the boundaries and become a central theme in the environment. A subject of the environment. For G.T.DESIGN, soft furnishings must be relevant to our gestures, studied in their forms and free from superfluous detail, the result of in-depth research of the properties of materials. Soggetti are interpreters of our every day.

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