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GT Design @ Marocchi Natural Living.. 23rd October 2014 | via Ugo La Malfa 12 - Imola (BO)

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Colours and sizes of the collection Open Doors (.pdf)
Towards the warm and ancestral dimension of wool. The pure tones of WhiteOut Open doors welcome us with disarming ease: they are diaphragms for space, in the purest wool felt, to rediscover the enveloping, calm and soft atmosphere in environments. Diaphanous walls modulate the light and the direction of the gaze. They put spaces in relation to each other, without separating. To be rolled-up or drawn aside thanks to loose ties. WhiteOut Open doors are door-sculptures in wool felt, a material which is naturally isolating, both thermal and acoustic. Fundamental characteristics of wool are its excellent thermal isolation, good protection against humidity and naturally high fireproof quality

Colours and sizes
WhiteOut Open Doors are available in versions In-Side and In-Felt in sizes 85 x 260 cm and 95 x 280 cm.

  • The natural fibre is photosensitive: it tends to gradually soften the surface and change the chromatic tone according to the amount of light in the room
  • For daily cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is sufficient
  • Can be dry-cleaned, at specialist dry-cleaners (do not use vapour as the elevated temperature could ruin the quality of the wool)
  • For the cleaning of Whiteout Open doors we advise that the original packaging, designed to facilitate transport, is preserved. Be sure to warn the drycleaners that they must roll the lengths of felt and avoid creases of any kind.


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