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Colours and sizes of the collection T-Ki (.pdf)
T-ki Collection. Cushion-seat in various materials with a felt or leather finish.
The interior is made up of spheres of a special patented polymer, of extraordinary qualities, used exclusively by G.T.DESIGN. It is anallergic, anti-static, anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial and it does not attract mould or heat up when in contact with the body. Thanks to the materials used and the modular, combinable and versatile forms, T-ki is an unique object on which to abandon yourself. Small, medium or large, they can be used alone or in combination to create a comfortable corner everywhere.
The form of our well-being that can only be seen with eyes closed. The slow massage that relaxes the spinal column; the slight rustling of the padding that softly accompanies rest; the undiluted pleasure of its enveloping natural materials.
T-ki is a multi-sensory experience.
T-ki is simple yet evolved, thanks to the to the careful study of the materials of its make-up:
  • natural, biocompatible and ecological like hemp, jute, wool and silk for its covering;
  • technological and performing padding in patented polymer spheres, used exclusively by G.T.DESIGN, is anallergic, anti-static, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and does not heat up when in contact with the body.

T-ki is a product built to last over time, reliable and beautiful from day one. The fabric is designed and chosen in order to obtain the very characteristics of the product, woven until the robustness and fullness of the fabric correspond to the dimensions, sustain the structure and give body to volume.

Already in collection in small medium large size in natural hemp and jute, with felt and leather finishing, it is now available in two further versions: in white leather and in a new technological material, which is resistant to light, water and humidity. These characteristics make it suitable for outdoor use. T-ki is the form of our well-being that satisfies what we are looking for: comfort, harmony, pleasure for the skin. At home, in the office, on the terrace, when relaxing in the gym and, from now, on a boat, in the garden and at the swimming pool border too.


  • Separate cover from the padding by removing the internal sack. In order to avoid losing the spheres, we recommend that you do not open the internal sack
  • Dry-clean the cover


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