G.T.Design’s Classic Blue


Classic Blue, the color of stability and connection, was named the color of the year by Pantone for 2020. Called a universal favorite, the reassuring color was chosen to bring calm and confidence in a world of unrest and uncertainty.

G.T. DESIGN’s Creative Director Deanna Comellini has always experimented with shades of blue, a constant in the color chart for her rug designs. Through the textile element, she brings the soothing effect of blue at home, where many of us find our center and peace. Blue, the color of the sea and the sky, connects us to nature and is known to be beneficial to mind and body.

Seta, Blu Royal, 2010

Blue takes on different expressions while Deanna plays with different depth and textures to create one of a kind rug designs.
A cool color that warms up when used on silk in Seta Blu Royal, in a solid and consistent shade that reflects magically the light and brings warmth and peace into the house. In Luoghi, blues are combined with luminous colors and hand painted on a welcoming wool backdrop, resulting in a deep hue that evokes the spirituality of this primary color. Gradations of blue makes it elusive in the hand tufted In-Touch rug, creating the urge to get immersed in it. Finally, blue gives a second life to vintage carpets in MeatPacking, in line with G.T.DESIGN’s commitment to sustainability. This limited edition rug is made of a patchwork of the company’s signature creations, striped of color, dyed and reassembled in a vibrant new design.

In-Touch Nuance, 2012

Luoghi Mix 1, Selve – Oasi, 2011

UltraNative 3, 2018

Deanna’s captivation with the color starts from the technique of creating the dye with the leaves of the woad plant. The fibers are immersed in the dyeing vet, initially taking on a yellow color, and once removed from the water and in contact with the oxygen they rapidly transform in a blue hue, one of the more resistant an long-lasting colors in nature. It is fascinating how blue and yellow, two opposite colors, complement each other.

MeatPacking, 2014