The weave that reinvented the vision of the contemporary rug.

Kama has been produced since 2001 by G.T.Design, its sole and legitimate producer. The weave that reinvented the vision of the contemporary rug developed from an original idea expressed by Deanna Comellini, designer and art director. Kama Original is now a fixture in the history of design and is often associated with pieces by the creative Maestros, thanks to its range of exciting, vibrant colors.
After more than fifteen years of development and constant improvements, Kama Ambient is still linked to the leading brands of international furnishings. Kama captures light and allows it to bounce and reflect through the weave. Soft to touch, visually-exciting esthetics, the hand-spun viscous fibers are luxurious yet wild and untamed.
Kama Perline was the natural evolution of G.T.Design’s historical weaving tradition. The hand-woven Bouclè framework adds an extra touch of luxury to the surface of these rugs; they shimmer like sand in the sunlight. The rug adds an inimitable bright dynamic feature to any ambience. Shape and light join together to embellish the space.

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