Boom figura


A light velvety rug 

Boom is a contemporary rug design featuring a thick wool weft that supports the thin and soft bamboo fibers. The delightful association of the earthy structure, the warm wool with the smooth lightness of the bamboo, is reminiscent of the contrast and harmony of unexpected and early flowers in bloom. 

Boom is weaved on traditional looms using high-quality hand spun viscose bamboo and New Zealand wool. 

Boom Platino-Giallolino
200×300 cm


Material: high quality hand spun bamboo fiber – New Zealand wool

Structure: hand woven on traditional looms

Thickness: 10 mm

Maintenance: vacuum cleaner on a low setting taking care on the edges

Washing: professional cleaning recommended

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200×300 cm (6’7”x9’10” ft)
250×350 cm (8’2”x11’6” ft)
Ø 200 cm (6’7” ft)
Custom options available
tappeto boom sabbia dettaglio
63 Sabbia Avorio
tappeto boom acque ecru
61 Acque Ecru
tappeto boom sabbia-grigio dettaglio
64 Sabbia Grigio
tappeto boom platino
62 Giallo Platino
tappeto boom giallolino dettaglio
65 Platino Giallolino
tappeto boom ruggine
60 Ambra Ruggine
tappeto boom grigio ocra dettaglio
66 Grigio Ocra
tappeto boom ocra
69 Ocra Corda
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