Hula Hoop | Deanna Comellini

The new collection of minimal contemporary rugs. Vivid colors, high-performing technical yarns, elegant and sustainable. Fully recyclable.

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Manifesto of the Contemporary Rug

“The rug is the earth-platform on which we were born. It is just like us. It is the first element in the creation of an intimate and domestic atmosphere. In the home, it represents the scent, the habits, the poetry. The rug is an archaic symbol that G.T.DESIGN transforms into something contemporary, a part of everyday life, a sign that indicates the boundaries of our personal space.”

Deanna Comellini

One Thousand Museum Miami | Zaha Hadid

G.T.DESIGN was the exclusive partner of One Thousand Museum Miami, Zaha Hadid’s latest residential development, providing flooring designs and bespoke rugs in all common areas and the two show apartments of the project.

Focus on

The illustrious Museo del Novecento in Milan is giving tribute to one of the leading figures in architecture and design of the Twentieth century with a new exhibition, “Aldo Rossi. Design 1960-1997“, currently on view until October 2. Showcasing 350 objects that belonged to the renowned architect, the event is supported by G.T.DESIGN as part of Founder and Creative Director Deanna Comellini‘s mission to celebrate the legacy of Italian architectural masters through her textile art.


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