G.T. Design modern rug


Luxurious and functional, this is the perfect essence of the mordern rug.

Luxurious and contemporary. The sophisticated yet extraordinarily practical weave of the rug, Paglietta, is possibly the perfect modern rug, according to G.T.DESIGN. It combines the age-old jute fiber and a glossy high performance yarn by G.T.DESIGN. These are hand-woven to produce irregular unique curls on the surface. These features combine to ensure that Paglietta is undeniably a ‘love at first sight’ encounter; it has high-resistance and can be used in interiors and in sheltered outdoor spaces. The uniqueness and the unevenness of the hand-weaving combined with the technical yarn create a perfect ensemble, and give rise to surfaces that are delightful to touch and rich with chromatic nuances.
Paglietta Righe, the new version of Paglietta has been embellished with bas-relief lines that highlight its structure in jute and the hand crafting. The hand-weaving allows custom production of the rugs to the client’s requests: starting from standard widths of 70/200/250 cm, the rug can be produced in the desired length.

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