Kama celebrates 20 years with a capsule collection at Villa Necchi Campiglio

During the Fuorisalone, G.T.DESIGN has presented the iconic Kama collection in the stunning Villa Necchi Campiglio: a mansion surrounded by a peaceful garden in the center of Milan, and a custodian of great masterpieces that evokes the glamour of the high society in between the two wars.

The original models of Kama, along with an unreleased capsule collection created to mark the rug’s twentieth anniversary, are displayed in the eclectic interiors of the villa, highlighting the beauty of the 1930s architectural style designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi and the pioneering approach of Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director.

The capsule collection includes two styles – Allegro a Piacere and Allegro con Brio – in four different shades: Blu Notte and Paglierino – absolute novelties – and Bianco Luce and Polvere di Stelle, a re-edition of two of the colors of the original collection. The main features of the capsule collection are the different textures that amplify, even more, the ability of Kama to reflect the light.

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Contemporary Rug

“The rug is the earth-platform on which we were born. It is just like us. It is the first element in the creation of an intimate and domestic atmosphere. In the home, it represents the scent, the habits, the poetry. The rug is an archaic symbol that G.T.DESIGN transforms into something contemporary, a part of everyday life, a sign that indicates the boundaries of our personal space.”

Deanna Comellini

Outdoor Contemporary Rugs

Coconutrug I Glassati outdoor rug

Sturdy, functional, and resistant, outdoor rugs are specifically designed to use in all exterior areas. They add color and texture to courtyards, gardens, and pool areas, becoming a welcoming spot in open-air spaces.

G.T.DESIGN has been designing and producing contemporary outdoor rugs since 1989, when outdoor furniture was not yet a must-have. Years of research by Deanna Comellini resulted in collections with artful weavings that accent the quality of natural materials and innovative technical yarns.

One Thousand Museum Miami | Zaha Hadid

G.T.DESIGN was the exclusive partner of One Thousand Museum Miami, Zaha Hadid’s latest residential development, providing flooring designs and bespoke rugs in all common areas and the two show apartments of the project.

Focus on

Deanna Comellini welcomes some very special guests in G.T.DESIGN new headquarters, the readers of the prestigious architecture magazine AD. In a short video, part of their #ADMyPrivateRoom, Deanna guides the viewers in the spaces designed with architect Paolo Simonetti, where minimalist design and nature coexist in harmony.





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