More than 40 years of research in the world of modern rugs

G.T.DESIGN has changed the perception of the contemporary rug from a simple accessory to an essential element in interior design. Our more than forty years of all-around research designing rugs and furnishing textiles put us in a position to offer unique care and experience to those who rely on us.

La Cabina

La Cabina

The new G.T.DESIGN permament space in Milan

An essential space, a wheelhouse dedicated to charting new horizons and imagining new paths. A place for special projects in which to discover the unique elegance of the brand.

Focus Outdoor | Rugs for outdoor spaces

G.T.DESIGN’s collections dedicated to the warm season

G.T.DESIGN offers several outdoor contemporary rug design solutions, for both covered and uncovered areas. Made in high performing yarns, and natural coconut or jute fibers, these luxurious yet functional rugs will add a chic touch to any outdoor space.

Designing with modern rugs in architectural projects


One Thousand Museum | Miami | by Zaha Hadid Architects

G.T.DESIGN was the exclusive partner of One Thousand Museum Miami, Zaha Hadid’s latest residential development, providing flooring designs and bespoke rugs in all common areas and the show apartments of the project.

Forbes | Deanna Comellini

Deanna Comellini Forbes 2022

Forbes: Deanna Comellini as one of the “100 Most Influential Women of 2022”

Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director, was selected by the Italian edition of Forbes magazine as a pioneering figure in design that continues to guide and inspire the industry through her unique talent and a strong commitment to product excellence and sustainability.