The Contemporary Rug as an Essential Element in Interior Design

Deanna Comellini’s holistic view of rug design in interiors

G.T.DESIGN has collaborated in several international residential and commercial design projects.

Working alongside architects and interiors designers to integrate the textile element in their projects, Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director, has shifted the perception of the contemporary rug from an accessory to an essential element in interior design.

G.T.DESIGN combines artisanal techniques and manual craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce luxurious custom-made products to fit any surface. With an artistic approach rather than an industrial one, Deanna Comellini gave the weaving process a modern expression in the architectural world, from residential projects, to commercial spaces, to hotels and exclusive yachts designs.

G.T.DESIGN’s signature collections and bespoke creations are made with top-quality natural materials and high-performance technical yarns and an unparalleled attention to detail.


1000 Museum

My advice is to think of rugs as green areas in the interiors of a home – as places of comfort, leisure and healing, while using the vision of an urbanist. This new approach would extend the idea of the rug from a simple furnishing complement to an essential ‘area’ in the space, and the perception of the home from a delimited environment to a space conceived in its surrounding environment.


Deanna Comellini

Hillside Los Angeles USA

Hollywood Villa

Lead Designers: Saota | Interior Decor: Mass Beverly

private villa

rug collection: In-Canto, Paglietta

G.T.DESIGN signature contemporary rugs were chosen to furnish the interiors of 8408 Hillside, a private estate perched on the hills above Sunset Strip with spectacular views of Los Angeles.  

A project of world-renowned architectural firm Saota in collaboration with Woods + Dangaran, the residence uses the linear aspects of natural materials such as steel, concrete, and glass to blend the indoors with the natural elements of the outdoors of the house. The estate, conceived as a self-contained resort with covered outdoor terraces enclosed by a pool and set among lush landscaping, is steps away from a design masterpiece, the iconic Stahl House, a mid-century modern residence designed by Pierre Koening in 1960.   

The interiors of 8408 Hillside are curated by MASS Beverly Hills, a leading luxury design showroom, that selected G.T.DESIGN for all rug designs in the project. In-Canto, a collection of hand weaved contemporary rugs in a shimmering bamboo viscose, is featured on the living and night areas’ floorings. The rugs’ platinum shades match the cold color palette, while the seductive texture of the yarn adds a soft element to the interiors’ clean lines and sturdy building materials.  

In-Canto is the product of G.T.DESIGN’s extensive research in textile fibers, particularly in the use of viscose in rug design. The shimmering properties of In-Canto‘s bamboo viscose (also known as bamboo silk) are maximized through skilled contemporary manual weaving, creating an incomparable tactile volume that is compact, seductive, and sensual.  The brand’s extraordinary experience acquired through years of work with viscose yarns, selected exclusively from top-quality sources, resulted in several breakthrough rug collections such as the bestseller Kama and In-Touch, made in eco-friendly Tencel. 

G.T.DESIGN combines artisanal techniques and craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create luxurious custom-made products. Using top-quality natural materials and high-performance technical yarns, G.T.DESIGN’s signature collections and bespoke creations have an unparalleled attention to detail. Working alongside architects and interior designers to integrate the textile element in their project, G.T.DESIGN has shifted the perception of contemporary rugs from accessory to an essential component of interior design.  

  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles
  • Hollywood Villa Hillside Los Angeles

Venezia Italia

La Biennale di Venezia

headquarters at Ca’ Giustinian

office space and lounge

rug collection: Coconutrug


Miami USA

One Thousand Museum

by Zaha Hadid Architects

high-end residential project

rug collections: Fluid, In-Touch, Kama, Boom, Stairs Lino

G.T.DESIGN was the exclusive partner of One Thousand Museum Miami, Zaha Hadid’s latest residential development, providing flooring designs and bespoke rugs in all common areas and the two show apartments of the project.

G.T.DESIGN’s Fluid collection was used in several common areas in the ground floor and the sky lounge. The rugs, entirely built-in the flooring, are custom-made to reflect Zaha Hadid’s organic and futuristic interiors and furniture. A wave pattern is featured in the lobby and office rugs, while a geometrical theme is carried on the Sky Lounge areas, including the dining room and theatre spaces, mirroring the stunning exteriors of Hadid’s building. The black and grey tones of the rugs complement the ultramodern interiors, and are the perfect backdrop for Hadid’s white sculptural furniture in the lobby and the Sky Lounge’s breathtaking views. All Fluid rugs are hand made in pure wool with a 20% nylon component, and have a 6-10 cm thickness, a US requirement for public areas.

G.T.DESIGN also created the textile elements of the two model apartments using a curated selection of the brand’s signature rugs. The custom made designs include bestseller Kama, a viscose rug that capture the light and lets it reflect through its weave; In-Canto, a thin and minimalist rug in a high quality bamboo viscose; Stairs Lino, with a natural shine of linen fibers that create elegant nuances of color; Boom, a light bamboo rug;  the incomparably soft In-Touch rug, made in Tencel, one of the most eco-compatible fibers on the market; and Passo Doppio, a long handmade rug in a high performance technical yarn. The custom color palette ranges from silver, sand, power pink, to natural hues to accentuate the taupe and green tones of the furniture.

New York USA

565 Broome

by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

high-end residential project

rug collections: Boom, Stairs Lino, Textures Millerighe, Textures Tweed

G.T.DESIGN brings the textile element in 565 Broome, the new luxury project signed Renzo Piano in New York, a thirty story building in the heart of Soho with breathtaking views on the city and the Hudson river.

565 Broome is the result of a collaboration between Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the Paris interior design firm RDAI and Italian developers Bizzi & Partners Development. G.T.DESIGN, in partnership with Lema Mobili, designed the interiors of a duplex model apartment, providing custom textiles for the flooring in the living area, the bedrooms and the bathrooms.

The austere palette of the materials of the building and its interiors, such as stone, white oak, glass and cement, accentuate their natural beauty and are the perfect backdrop of the subtle elegance of the collections of Deanna Comellini.

Through a curated study of the interiors, G.T.DESIGN rugs are masterfully fitted as and integral part of each space. Among the collections included in the living area and the bedrooms, the functional Paglietta, a blend of the ancient jute fiber with a glossy performing yarn, the soft and velvety surface of the thick wool weave combined with the lightness of bamboo of the Boom rug, and the flexible and resistant Textures Millerighe style, made in pure virgin wool, featured in a gray and a metallic version. Stairs Lino rugs, with their natural shine of linen fibers that create elegant nuances of color, are used for the bathroom floors. The warm and understated tones of the rugs, such as a muddy brown color, ocher, and shades of gray, are complementary to the modern and welcoming interiors.

G.T.DESIGN combines artisanal techniques and craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create luxurious custom made products.

  • tappeto boom fibra bambù

New York USA

IOC headquarters

by Gensler

office space

rug collection: Luoghi


In the planning of the contract departments and headquarters of IOC (International Office Concept), a division of Lema Group in New York, the studio Gensler has introduced surface textiles from G.T.DESIGN’s Loughi collection. The texture of the indistinct chromatism of Luoghi rugs complements its natural woolen fibre.

Hand-woven and painted with non-uniform brushstrokes of transparent colours, the textiles add a warm tone to conference rooms and head offices. Within the grey and green hues of the irregular pattern an oasis for the gaze is formed, relaxing the eye while hours pass amid emails and conference calls. In the professional environment the textile design is among the primary elements that foster concentration and a sense of well-being. In fact the textile component is key in the development of a modern office, helping to generate a better sense of belonging and a positive personal relationship with the space.

In the height of the Smart Office’s fashionability, we look for models that are more open to the varied biological and psychological dynamics of the workforce. Rediscovering the value of ‘restorative niches’ allows for the appreciation of the emotional and personal needs of employees, respecting the part of us that favours a warm and welcoming ambience.

In this vein, the textile element of professional spaces is essential in the creation of a place (luoghi) in which it’s possible to recharge one’s energy and utilises, to the utmost, the potential of the worker. These new designs aim to facilitate the workplace with the quality of life that people expect today.

Designed by Deanna Comellini, designer and art director of the Bologna-based company, the elegant creations of G.T.DESIGN capture a brilliant explosion of colour, light and nature, enabling traditional craftmanship to meet contemporaneity through experimentation and innovation.

  • IOC NT tappeto luoghi
  • IOC NT tappeto luoghi
  • IOC NT tappeto luoghi

Nashville USA


by Giarratana Development

hospitality project

rug collections: Next

505 Nashville

The interiors of residential buildings’ common areas need to have a welcoming feel, and to be perceived as an extension of the private space at home. The textile element is crucial in creating a comfortable and hospitable environment, and it needs to reflect the style of the space

The integration of textile surfaces in interior design projects is at the core of G.T.DESIGN’s expertise. A pioneer in the field of the contemporary rug design, the Italian company has worked extensively in the design of residential and commercial spaces in partnership with architectural firms.

A recent project of G.T.DESIGN was a collaboration to design the interiors of the lounge areas and communal spaces of the 505 residential skyscraper in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The project reflects the ability of G.T.DESIGN of emphasizing, with its bespoke products, the luxurious and modern style of the environment.

505 is the tallest residential building in Nashville, with exclusive amenities including a wine cellar and tasting room, a fitness center, a salted water pool and a private movie theatre. The main lounge features a stunning wall-to wall Next  rug custom made by G.T.DESIGN. The large rug is digitally printed with the signature MeatpPacking Patchwork pattern, a patchwork design composed of vintage carpets motifs in different shades of grey, light blue and brown, reflecting the colors of the furniture. The geometric look mirrors the panels that divides the lounge space with similar accents of color.

A project of Giarratana Developments and the architectural firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz, 505 was named Best New Skyscraper in the 2017 Nashville Scene “Best of Nashville” Awards.

Chicago USA

Block 37

by Scb Architects

hospitality project

rug collections: In-Canto, Next

Block 37

G.T.DESIGN’s signature rug designs are featured at Marquee, an exclusive high-rise apartment building located in downtown Chicago. The Italian manufacturer in collaboration with B&B Italia, created custom-made textile solutions for the lobby, elevator waiting and lounge areas of the stunning building.

G.T.DESIGN, under the Creative Direction of founder Deanna Comellini, applied digital printing technology of their Next rug collection to design the lounge and elevator waiting areas. Next, made in a polyamide technical yarn, was designed to respond to requirements of projects that cover large surfaces, lending itself to customization for architectural and interior designer needs.

Custom finishes match the color of the lounges sofas, in a vibrant ochre shade that also complements the elevators bordering panels, with a subtle uneven stripes that evoke movement when capturing the light. The lounge features In-Canto in Zaffiro color, a shimmering blue rug in a bamboo viscose fiber made with a manual weaving technique. The seductive texture and the watercolor effect of the rug highlight the seating area, bringing warmth and comfort to the space.

The final component of Block 37, a mixed-use retail, office and transit station development, Marquee is a 41 floors residential tower offers one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. Both exterior and interior design elements, designed by architectural firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz, draw inspiration from the iconic theatres in the surrounding area. A canopy entrance resembles a theatre marquee and leads in to a lobby accented with film-inspired artwork, dramatic draperies and striking light fixtures.

Roma Italia

Margutta 19

by Rome Luxury Suites

hospitality project

rug collection: In-Canto Tec M

Hotel Margutta Roma

Milano Italia

Penthouse One 11

by Zaha Hadid Architects

high-end residential project

rug collection: Luoghi

Capri Italia

Hotel Punta Tragara

by LOTO AD Project

hospitality project

rug collections: Paglietta, Coconutrug, MeatPacking Patchwork, Loop


Private Yacht

by Ferretti

yachting interiors design

rug collections: Kama, Textures Millerighe, 10 Room Hotel

Milano Italia

Me Milan Hotel Il Duca

by Mélia Hotel International

hospitality project

rug collection: In-Canto Tec M