The Contemporary Rug as an Essential Element in Interior Design

Deanna Comellini’s holistic view of rug design in interiors

G.T.DESIGN has collaborated in several international residential and commercial design projects.

Working alongside architects and interiors designers to integrate the textile element in their projects, Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director, has shifted the perception of the contemporary rug from an accessory to an essential element in interior design.

G.T.DESIGN combines artisanal techniques and manual craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to produce luxurious custom-made products to fit any surface. With an artistic approach rather than an industrial one, Deanna Comellini gave the weaving process a modern expression in the architectural world, from residential projects, to commercial spaces, to hotels and exclusive yachts designs.

G.T.DESIGN’s signature collections and bespoke creations are made with top-quality natural materials and high-performance technical yarns and an unparalleled attention to detail.


1000 Museum

My advice is to think of rugs as green areas in the interiors of a home – as places of comfort, leisure and healing, while using the vision of an urbanist. This new approach would extend the idea of the rug from a simple furnishing complement to an essential ‘area’ in the space, and the perception of the home from a delimited environment to a space conceived in its surrounding environment.


Deanna Comellini


One Thousand Museum | Miami

by Zaha Hadid Architects

Hollywood Villa | LA

by Saota | Interior decor: Mass Beverly

Hotel Punta Tragara | Capri

Interior decor: LOTO AD Project

565 Broome | NY

by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

505 Church | Nashville

by Giarratana Development and Solomon Cordwel Buenz


by Gensler

Penthouse One | Milano

by Zaha Hadid Architects

Block 37 | Chicago

by Scb Architects

La Biennale di Venezia

Headquarters Ca’ Giustinian