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Explore our collections designed in Italy, made from natural, innovative and environmentally friendly fibers.

Precious textures rugs

Elegant and performing rugs

Modern and timeless rugs

Natural fibers rugs

Rugs signed Deanna Comellini

design rugs - boom collection


Wool and bamboo fiber rugs

design rugs - campi di gravità collection

Campi di Gravità

Sustainable viscose rugs

design rugs - cobblestone collection


Geometrical Tencel™ rugs

design rugs - coconutrug collection


Coconut fiber rugs

design rugs - coconutrug terrafresca collection

Coconutrug Terra Fresca

Upgraded coconut fiber rugs

tappeto design collezione flat out

Flat Out

Outdoor rugs in recycled PET

tappeto design collezione fluid


Rugs for architectural projects

tappeto design collezione himalayan skin

Himalayan Skin

Vegan Himalayan rugs

design rugs - hula hoop collection

Hula Hoop

Colorful outdoor rugs

tappeto design collezione in-canto


Bamboo fiber rugs

design rugs - in-canto acquarello collection

In-Canto Acquerello

Watercolor effect bamboo fiber rugs

design rugs - in-canto forte collection

In-Canto Forte

Bamboo and jute rugs

tappeto design collezione in-touch


Ecological Tencel™ rugs

design rugs - in-touch nuances collection

In-Touch Nuance

Watercolor effect Tencel™ rugs

Kama rug collection


Besteseller rugs in sustainable viscose

Kama Allegro a Piacere rug collection

Kama Allegro a Piacere

Sustainable viscose multi-textured rugs

design rugs - kama allegro con brio collection

Kama Allegro con Brio

Striped sustainable viscose rugs

Kama Mi rug collection

Kama Mi

Timeless rugs in sustainable viscose

tappeto design collezione le materie sottile

Le Materie Sottile

Long pile rugs

Luoghi rug collection


Hand painted wool rugs

MeatPacking patchwork rug collection

MeatPacking Patchwork

Upcycled wool rugs

Moving Forest rug collection

Moving Forest

Biophilic rugs

Next rug collection


Rugs for contract

o sole mio rug collection

O Sole Mio

Outdoor rugs

o sole mio corteccia rug collection

O Sole Mio Corteccia

Outdoor textured rugs

o sole mio flat rug collection

O Sole Mio Flat

High performance outdoor rugs

paglietta cotta rug collection

Paglietta Cotta

High craftsmanship design rugs

passo doppio rug collection

Passo Doppio

Outdoor-indoor braided rugs

paglietta rug collection


high performance jute rugs

rime rug collection


Recyclable outdoor rugs

seta rug collection


Pure silk rugs

seta il re rug collection

Seta Il Re

Silk and wool rugs

stairs rug collection


 Linen and bamboo rugs

stairs lino rug collection

Stairs Lino

Pure linen rugs

stripes party rug collection

Stripes Party

A new collection of degradè rugs

textures millerighe rug collection

Textures Millerighe

Wall to wall wool rugs

ultranative rug collection


Organic shape rugs

volare rug collection


Tie-dye wool rugs