Lightness and warmth are the predominant features of this collection of rugs in hand-painted wool.

The weave that reinvented the vision of the contemporary rug.

Luxurious and functional, this is the perfect essence of the mordern rug.

Silk is the pure gold of the textile world. The precious hand-woven fiber in a system of full and empty segments.

Tense with Nature, a new sensitive touch and functional approach.

When technology joins tradition, the results often manage to break new ground.

A well-balanced presence, a chromatic and tactile internal that has been inserted between the weaves.

Light that is magnetic and welcoming, a sophisticated color, a unique and precious material.

The straw mat has evolved into Textures. An elegante textured weave in 100% New Zealand wool.

Feeling its special fabric between fingers is a unique tactile experience.

The Next collection was designed to respond to the requirements of projects that cover large areas.