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Deanna Comellini

“The rug is the earth-platform on which we were born. It is just like us. It is the first element in the creation of an intimate and domestic atmosphere. In the home, it represents the scent, the habits, the poetry. The rug is an archaic symbol that G.T.DESIGN transforms into something contemporary, a part of everyday life, a sign that indicates the boundaries of our personal space.”

“The Manifesto of the Contemporary Rug”

Deanna Comellini

Deanna Comellini studied in Bologna’s artistic environment in the 70s, spending time in various art studios. In 1974, she approached the design world while working with Italian architectural firms and furniture companies until 1977. She founded G.T.DESIGN, taking on designer and art director’s role.

Her design research became the center of her production philosophy through her initial work on materials and shapes. During the 80s, a drive to discover, explore and safeguard traditional techniques from various international cultures led her to process the idea of the ‘imperfect design’. Her curiosity and independent spirit resulted in the fusion of craftsmanship know-how and customizable design projects.

In the 90s, her attention turned to hand-made techniques, natural materials, colors, and elementary shapes, resulting in a new design trend that reinvented textiles’ relevance in interior design. Today, Deanna Comellini’s research focuses on the contemporary rug, interpreted as an essential element of interior architecture. Her creative approach, which starts from an artistic vision of the product rather than an industrial one, generates a production process proper of the luxury industry, with unparalleled attention to detail.

Deanna Comellini’s creative process focuses on the interaction between matter, form, and space, concentrating for more than 40 years on the contemporary rug’s notion. Aside from the obsessive quest for the perfect color palette, and the use of top-quality natural materials and high-performance technical yarns, it was her inventive idea of revisiting the rug that marked her story as a designer. A perfect example is her innovative use of viscose fibers (referring to the rug Kama) to capture and reflect light, completely revolutionizing how the rug design and its importance in interior design projects. The same free-minded observation of the world drove her to undertake the exciting digital era for rug design which, among other things, allows the production of rugs of large dimensions.

Deanna Comellini has brought the weaving process – an expression of technology, identity, and innovation for centuries – into the design universe. Natural fibers – such as linen, coconut, bamboo, pure wool, hemp, silk, and natural derivatives such as Tencel – lie at the heart of her experimentation into design and processing methods.

These natural materials are at the core of her research into the function, performance, and inherent symbolism of the objects produced. Unlike mere industrial production, the crafting highlights their imperfections and the sensitive vitality of their delightfully unique flaws.