Coconut rugs, approccio funzionale e touch sensibile intenso

Campi di Gravità

“Everything happens and appears through the contrasts”

This is how Deanna introduces the reading of these unique pieces. They are fruit of personal research which, from design, led to artistic reflection. The exploration of the evocative power of color and material drove her towards a personal and intimate investigative scenario, where signs recall deep meanings, in evolution with our perception. Concepts of extraordinary strength were born which, in turn, form systems of gravity and emotion. It is a route seeking symbolic forms: the light is tormented by the flight of the reds, the soils are reddened by lava, it sinks into the violet browns to then re-savour, like an abstract canvas, the serene balance of a cerulean and silent nocturnal landscape. These unique pieces are signed by the author and made in a limited numbered series.

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