G.T.DESIGN researches and tests new ways and means to design and process textile fibers. Natural fibers – linen, coconut, viscose, bamboo, pure wool, hemp and silk – are central to G.T.DESIGN’s investigations.
These materials are the soul of the functional and semiological research for the company’s creations. Distancing itself from mere industrial production, the expert artisan craftwork exalts the imperfections and intrinsic vitality of the rugs and carpets. Each piece is custom-made, and often created in bespoke colors.
G.T.DESIGN aims to broaden its horizons to include new social, ethical and emotional prospects for its design products. The studio is never afraid to embrace simplicity, letting the material components and colors speak for themselves.

Coconut fiber rugs

Coconut fibers are sincere and rough to touch; they provide excellent natural insulation, have antistatic properties and are biologically stable and renewable. The Coconutrug collections blend the qualities of nature, a new approach to performance and sensitive touch. The rugs can be made-to-measure and are also suitable for outdoor use.

Viscose rugs

Viscose and tencel are soft and transpiring yarns. They have a silk-like sheen, are biocompatible and recyclable as they derive from cellulose. These yarns have been used to create the delightful Kama and In-Touch collections.

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Wool rugs

Pure wool has always been the symbol of intimate and psychological gratification. The Luoghi, Textures and Tattoo collections are bespoke pure wool rugs that are versatile and satisfy all design demands with a quick turnaround.

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Bamboo rugs

Bamboo yarn characterizes the Boom and In-Canto collections; it has extraordinarily soft, velvety properties, and is a biocompatible, renewable material.

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Linen rugs

Linen is a material considered to be the epitome of sophistication. The natural sheen of its fibers creates elegant shading in the articles of the Stairs collection. These rugs, available in a sophisticated palette of 5 colors, can be customized with different bespoke combinations.

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Silk rugs

Silk fibers are unique to touch and have incredible natural sheen. Silk has been used to create precious decorative elements for thousands of years and is considered to be the pure gold of the textile world. The sumptuous, sophisticated tactile experience of the silk yarn in the Seta collection is coupled with pure wool. The luxurious, smooth fibers are hand-woven and shaped to create a delightful relief surface that winds and twists in a system of full and empty segments.
Extremely versatile and design-oriented, the Seta collection gives designers a wonderful opportunity to experiment with custom sizes and create backgrounds using unique, exclusive colors.

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