Hula Hoop

Colorful outdoor rugs

Hula Hoop is a new in & out rug collection designed by Deanna Comellini and inspired by open-air play.

The series of circular and oval-shaped rugs feature a ribbed texture handmade in a non-toxic technical yarn. The collection is available in two circulars and one oval models, and in seven color combinations, including Pennsy, a brick-shade red with white and orange accents chosen as an ode to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company trains’ color scheme; Racing, as “racing green”, the official color of British race cars from the early 1900s to the end of the Sixties; and Jet, a metallic gray recalling the shade of an airplane’s fuselage.

Hula Hoop is a versatile product adaptable in various settings, from sunlit outdoor spaces to indoor wellness areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.

At the end of a long life, Hula Hoop is 100% recyclable.

Hula Hoop
Hula Hoop
Hula Hoop
Models: Frame, Circle, Track

Hula Hoop:

Material: high performance technical yarn resistent to mold, stain and UV; anti-bacterial and recyclable

Structure: braided and hand stitched

Thickness: 10 mm

Maintenance: vacuum cleaner on a low setting taking care on the edges and stitching

Washing: professional cleaning recommended

Download: collection sheet


ø 200 cm (6’7” ft)
ø 250 cm (8’2” ft)
200×300 cm (6’7”x9’10” ft)
250×350 cm (8’2”x11’6” ft)
Custom options available
Model: Valentino

Valentino size:

85 x 104 cm (2’9” x 3’5” ft)
02 Jet
06 Hoop
04 Racing
05 Laguna
01 Grip
03 Pennsy
07 Carbon
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