tappeto kama

O Sole Mio

When technology joins tradition, the results often manage to break new ground.

A new generation yarn was selected for the rug; it has been developed to resist wear and tear, fading in sunlight, damage by atmospheric agents and bacterial contamination. The yarn has been woven on traditional looms to achieve a product with properties only possible with skilled handcrafting: firmness, solidity, elasticity, optimal versatility. This rug is suitable for use indoors, outdoors and in wellness facilities; it is delightful to touch and is an aesthetic feast for the eyes.
The new yarn has increased resistance to wear and tear and the asymmetric textural grooves in the weave resemble the naturally irregular bark of a tree.
The model Corteccia Scura is produced in shades of sand and brown with an interlaced yarn that is highly resistant to UV light; individual units of width 100 cm can be combined to produce an infinity of custom arrangements.

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