Natural fibers become innovative

G.T.DESIGN has always highlighted the contemporary soul of natural and everyday fibers such as coconut, linen and hemp. Research on these materials has never ceased to fascinate due to their inherent aesthetic, chromatic and performance qualities.

In the Coconutrug, Himalayan Skin, Stairs Lino and MeatPacking Antique Hemp rugs, the details of the handwoven weaves enhance the charm of the natural fibers’ imperfection. From the variability of color gradations to the materiality of the fibers, these designer rugs give authentic feelings that only contact with nature can provide.

tappeto design collezione coconutrug


tappeto design collezione coconutrug i glassati

Coconutrug I Glassati

tappeto design collezione coconutrug terra fresca

Coconutrug Terra Fresca

tappeto design collezione himalayan skin

Himalayan Skin

tappeto design collezione MeatPacking Antique Hemp

MeatPacking Antique Hemp

tappeto design collezione patchwork

MeatPacking Patchwork



tappeto design collezione stairs lino

Stairs Lino