Coconut rugs, approccio funzionale e touch sensibile intenso


The line of rugs inspired by the paving of historical Italian city centers.

A new collection of rugs with a unique, irregular and fluid format, in between a circle and a square, Cobblestone represents an evolution in Deanna’s Comellini research on organic shapes. The pattern of the Cobblestone collection is a reference to the paving typically found in Italian piazzas and cobbled streets, replicated with blocks of different hues in the rug. The color palette of blues and beige shades that seem to mix and blend with each other, spaced out by contrasts that capture the eye and lends chromatic depth to the rug. The collection is made in Tencel, an extraordinary soft and one of the most eco-compatible currently available fibers. Cobblestone is a unique collection with an “expandable” format, suitable for custom-made flooring of interior design projects.

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