Outdoor Contemporary Rugs

G.T.DESIGN has changed the perception of the contemporary rug from a simple accessory to an essential element in interior design. Our more than forty years of all-around research designing rugs and furnishing textiles put us in a position to offer a unique selection of outdoor contemporary rug design solutions, capable of high-performance and adaptable to the most complex projects.

Made in high performing yarns, and precious natural fibers, these luxurious yet functional rugs will add a chic touch to any outdoor space.

Tappeto Rime Novità G.T.DEsign 2023

Rime, born in 2023

Designed for modern spaces where interiors and exteriors blend and succeed each other, Rime recalls the soft and perfect shapes of fern leaves, where soft strips of fabric alternate freely inspired by the spontaneous poetry of nature, poetry from which the collection also takes its name.


Himalayan Skin, the new collection In & Out

Designed for indoor and covered outdoor spaces, and in line with the natural and ethical design philosophy of the original nettle fiber collection, the Himalayan Skin‘s new capsule collection is inspired by the very origin of human cultures, introducing one of the oldest natural fibers, jute.


design rugs - coconutrug collection


design rugs - coconutrug i glassati collection

Coconutrug I Glassati

design rugs - coconutrug terrafresca collection

Coconutrug Terra Fresca

design rugs - hula hoop collection

Hula Hoop

design rugs - o sole mio collection

O Sole Mio

design rugs - o sole mio corteccia collection

O Sole Mio Corteccia

design rugs - o sole mio flat collection

O Sole Mio Flat

design rugs - paglietta collection


design rugs - passo doippio collection

Passo Doppio

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