Special Collections – Euritmica

by Deanna Comellini

Colours free in space. Proportion, harmony, beauty are present in the dimensions of this collection, in which each area is calculated according to respect for mathematical golden relationship. Forms that enclose others, and speak among themselves according to carefully studied relationships, that privilege chromatic accents and tactile effects of the surfaces. The simplicity of the weaving alternates zones of prismatic color with others in monochromatic relief. The collection is made with the highest quality coconut fiber.


  • Euritmica is packaged in a jute sack, to flatten the surface, simply extract the rug and lay it upside-down.
  • The rug requires a period of stabilisation in which the fibres relax, and sometimes release residual grains of sand from the drying process
  • Avoid lengthy exposure to direct sunlight (natural fibres are photosensitive)
  • To clean, simply brush with a broom or use a carpet beater
  • For safety, we recommend using a non-slip under-mat, indispensable on wooden floors or carpets, also to prevent any colour staining