Special Collections – I Lucenti

by Deanna Comellini

Soft welcoming light, sumptuous but not over-the-top, into which you can sink your hand, let your eyes run, captured by delicate soft rays.

The I Lucenti range is an extraordinary combination of three different threads that emphasize the peculiarities of each of them: the softness of the wool, the resistance of the polyester and the brightness of the lurex.

An exceptionally rich material on which to walk, lie down, abandon oneself. They are sizeable rugs with basic colours ideal for open plan spaces and modern living.


  • For every-day cleaning a Carpet Beater is sufficient, take care to check the power on an edge to avoid tearing out the fibre and weakening the border.
  • Avoid the build-up of excessive dirt on the surface of the rug by washing it frequently, otherwise cleaning could be difficult.
  • For washing, entrust the rug to a centre specialised in oriental rug cleaning and ask for it to be washed flat in plenty of cold water and neutral detergent. Natural drying is certainly the best method, slower but better able to respect the structure of the fibres and the pigment. In any case, the rug should always be dried with cold ai
  • For safety, we recommend using an anti-slip under-mat for safety and to give softness and body to the rug, indispensable on wooden floors, carpets and marble also to prevent any colour staining
  • Never use adhesive tape or other materials containing glue directly on the rug, neither on the front or the back.