Special Collections – Lanagrossa

by Deanna Comellini

A gratifying presence like ancient wood, dense like clay and comforting like a glass of milk. This collection entwines the images of affection and memory. Pure wool, in two colours, is woven according to an Indo-Tibetan technique which creates relief effects upon an extraordinarily dense surface.
Thanks to its isolating quality, Lanagrossa is ideal for warming cold surfaces like marble, stone or grit tiles and makes them more welcoming.


  • The natural fibre is photosensitive: it tends to gradually soften the surface and change the chromatic tone according to the amount of light in the room.
  • For daily cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is sufficient
  • Can be dry-cleaned, at specialist dry cleaners (do not use vapour as the elevated temperature could ruin the quality of the wool.
  • For safety, we recommend using an anti-slip under-mat for safety and to give softness and body to the rug, indispensable on wooden floors, carpets and marble also to prevent any colour staining
  • The rug requires a period of stabilisation in which the fibres relax, and sometimes release residual grains of sand from the drying process.
  • To clean, simply brush with a broom or use a carpet beater.