Special Collections – Loop

by Deanna Comellini

Ultra-thin rugs that rediscover a humble and dense material like jute and take advantage of the rhythm of colours to direct our gaze in space. The geometry of the stripes defines the interior setting: the rug becomes a meridian to orient the eye. Made in jute, a natural and sustainable fiber extracted for the cortical layer of an herbaceous plant, is known to have excellent hygroscopicity, or the capacity to absorb moisture in the air and for being very resistant to wear and tear.

For its natural crunchiness and pleasant rigidity, Loop is ideal for holiday homes.


  • The natural fibre is photosensitive: it tends to gradually soften the very surface and change the chromatic tone depending on the amount of light in the room
  • The rug requires a period of stabilisation in which the fibres relax
  • For daily cleaning simply use a vacuum-cleaner
  • Can be dry-cleaned at specialist dry-cleaners (do not use vapour as the elevated temperature could ruin the quality of the fibre)
  • We strongly recommend using a non-slip undermat to give softness and consistency to the rug, indispensable on wooden floors, carpets or marble, also to prevent any colour staining.