the origin of a contemporary sign

For Milan Design Week 2018 G.T.Design presents an installation centered on the dynamic and creative power of design. A pure language is released from the dialogue between matter, shape and space, with a return to the original cipher that is also highly innovative and contemporary.

There is a return to primordial and ancestral sentiments that interpret Deanna Comellini’s abstract design language. It reacts and returns to us matter and substance that hang in alchemical equilibrium with space; it always interacts, interfaces and listens carefully to the forces of nature.

G.T.Design @ Agenzia E-stra

corso Garibaldi 34
20121 Milano

metro: Lanza – Moscova

17-22 April 10:00-20:00
16-17-18-19 April – cocktail 18:00-20:00
16 April 10:00-20:00 Press preview

info: +39 388 1663822