Light that is magnetic and welcoming, a sophisticated color, a unique and precious material.

The shimmering properties of bamboo viscose are maximized in this exercise of contemporary manual weaving. The extraordinary experience acquired through years of work with this yarn, selected exclusively from the top quality, creates an unparalleled tactile volume that is compact, seductive and sensual.

The wide range of colors includes seven colorways in solid colors, and three colorways in which colors combine intimately with each other with a watercolor effect, that are perfect for every ambience, from the classical to modern. In-Canto can be supplied made-tomeasure in widths of up to four meters, and in a round version on request.

The full weave of In-Canto is joined by In-Canto Acquerello and In-Canto Forte, with an open-loop structure that makes the weave more resistant to footfall and increases the opportunities for use. Available in three colorways, the customizable characteristics of In-Canto also apply to In-Canto Forte.

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