Timeless Rugs

Less is amazing

A new production approach to rug design that enhances the qualities of natural, eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo, wool and Tencel™.

In the Boom and In-Canto collections, bamboo viscose takes on the precious guise of silk, while the blend of wool and technical yarns in the Textures Millerighe collection expresses a modern and original interpretation of the material.

The innovative, eco-friendly yarn of In-Touch and Cobblestone combines the softness of wool with the luster of silk. Natural, high-performance rugs with unprecedented colors and great versatility define space with discretion.

These rugs can be customized in sizes and in any format.

design rugs - boom collection


design rugs - cobblestone collection


design rugs - in-canto collection


design rugs - in-canto acquarello collection

In-Canto Acquerello

design rugs - in-canto forte collection

In-Canto Forte

design rugs - in-touch collection


design rugs - in-touch nuances collection

In-Touch Nuance

design rugs - textures millerighe collection

Textures Millerighe