Precious Textures

Elegance is reinterpreted by Deanna Comellini with the design of rugs with precious textures.

The natural fiber rugs in the Luoghi, Seta and Seta Il Re collections, with their hand-painted wool and the delicacy of the silk yarn, hark back to precious and timeless surfaces.

Rugs from the Kama and Le Materie Sottile collections are distinguished by their characteristics of brilliance, softness and color depth through shiny textures and long threads.

Research and innovation, attention to detail and craftsmanship define a modern vision of elegance and are a tribute to the classic style of luxury.

design rugs - kama collection


design rugs - kama allegro a piacere collection

Kama Allegro a Piacere

design rugs - kama allegro con brio collection

Kama Allegro con Brio

design rugs - kama mi collection

Kama Mi

design rugs - le materie sottile collection

Le Materie Sottile

design rugs - luoghi collection


design rugs - seta collection


design rugs - seta il re collection

Seta Il Re