Lightness and warmth are the predominant features of this collection of rugs in hand-painted wool.

Light rugs that were inspired by surfaces weathered by time, bringing an element of the past to the most sophisticated interior design projects. Entirely hand-painted on both sides, they combine the hard-wearing properties of wool with the uniqueness of the colors, making each piece totally unique and unrepeatable. The hand-stitching and the modular features of the individual elements help the designer shape these textile paintings. They combine elegance and function and create a unique atmosphere wherever they are.
The stitching of Luoghi Due uses yarns in three different colors, Terracotta, Ocra and Blu, in the respective combinations to match the colors of the rugs: Terracotta-Borghi, Ocra-Borghi Back, Blu-Grotte. Dyed in four basic colors on both faces: Selve, Oasi, Borghi e Grotte, that can be combined on request by the client and integrated with the Mix colorways: Borghi/Grotte and Selve/Oasi. The rugs of the Luoghi collection can be produced in any dimension on request.

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