Coconut rugs, approccio funzionale e touch sensibile intenso

Moving Forest

Moving Forest is a journey into the rediscovery of natural signs, using movement as the medium.

Moving Forest, as its name would suggest, refers to the concept of ‘movement’ in a physical sense, and also something that shakes and stirs the emotions.

Moving Forest is provocative: a forest that walks, that dances, a gimmick or something that only exists in the imagination, an environment for walks and full-immersion, to absorb inspiration from the primordial force of nature.

With this new rug collection, Deanna Comellini has created a dimension to embrace the imagination from other worlds, other spaces, other ecologies. The inhabitants who decide to enter will be immerged in a constant intrigue of what is hidden, what lies within the range of the forest. As in a “shinrin-yoku” – the Japanese word for ‘forest bath’ – they lose themselves in a world that moves, lives, breathes, abandoning to meditational ecstasy to once again be an integral part of everything.

Among the rugs of the Moving Forest collection, in high-quality digitally-printed wool, the exclusive format Native G.T.Design: a format with a unique, uneven, flowing profile, forming hybrid shape lying somewhere between a circle and a square. Thanks to these ‘undefined’ borders, the eyes are drawn and mesmerized by figures reminiscent of images perceived elsewhere.

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