Moving Forest

by Deanna Comellini

Close your eyes and allow Deanna Comellini to lead you through her latest creation Moving Forest, the protagonist of a new installation presented at the Fuorisalone 2019 in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District.

The Moving Forest explores the interaction between different shapes and lines extended over block colors, to create a stratified effect, a ramification of light into new territories.

The primary dimension of a ray of light that filters between the leaves of a living forest, the entwining branches and fronds that weave a uniform and always unique pathway, the fascinating quality of geometric, unpredictable, uneven shapes that lie beyond the rules of human order: these are the images impressed on the rugs of the Moving Forest collection.

The shades quiver through constant variants of blues and greens, interrupted on occasion by splashes of white, red and yellow, hues that chase each other and invent a warm filigree against a soft, light backdrop, created thanks to the use of top-quality fine wool and its new technological contaminations.

With this new rug collection, Deanna Comellini has created a dimension to embrace the imagination from other worlds, other spaces, other ecologies. The inhabitants who decide to enter will be immerged in a constant intrigue of what is hidden, what lies within the range of the forest. As in a “shinrin-yoku” – the Japanese word for ‘forest bath’ – they lose themselves in a world that moves, lives, breathes, abandoning to meditational ecstasy to once again be an integral part of everything, and to meet again, ultimately, in a natural universe that is observed, contacted, respected.



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