The stripe motif in the flair of G.T.DESIGN

Through G.T.DESIGN’s collections of contemporary rugs, Deanna Comellini interprets the stripe motif working on movement and vibration in matter

Incorporating stripes in interior design can inject understated elegance giving a polished feel to the space. This timeless and versatile graphic statement brings order and structure to a room, even when mixed with other patterns and designs.

Bold or understated, stripes bring energy and fun to any environment. G.T.DESIGN rug collections offer an exciting variety of striped rug styles to enhance your home.

Tappeto Kama Allegro con Brio Blu Notte

The beauty of difference

A bas relief pattern gives life to the asymmetrical striped motif characteristic of the Stairs rug

Stairs is a contemporary rug featuring intertwined bamboo and linen fibers with a bas-relief effect.

The striped patterns of light and shadows emphasize the material’s silky appearance and its vibrant color palette. Strong and biodegradable linen yarn is hand-woven on artisanal looms with bamboo fibers, exceptionally soft to touch yet strongly hard-wearing.

Tappeto Stairs

A rug with stripes of light and shadow

Kama Allegro con Brio captures the light and lets it float on its weave

Kama Allegro con Brio  is a limited edition rug with a sumptuous and wild hand-woven weave in viscose fiber. This contemporary design is part of a capsule collection created to celebrate the iconic Kama rug’s twentieth anniversary.

In Kama Allegro con Brio, Deanna Comellini played with a striped pattern to enhance Kama’s reflective texture, creating a cheerful yet composed movement and resulting in a luminous flow of light and shadows.

Kama 20|21

Passo Doppio, the balance of repetition

The rhythmic succession of two materials defines the steps and delineates the surrouding space

Passo Doppio  is a hand-woven rug in high-performing technical yarn with chromatic and tactile felt cylinder intervals inserted between the weaves.

A resistant rug suitable for indoor and covered outdoor areas, Passo Doppio is available in understated earthy, gray and blue tones with a selection of bright colors for the wool felt cylinders, providing infinite combinations.

Tappeto Passo Doppio

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