Fluid: Contemporary Rug Design for Architectural Projects

G.T.DESIGN’s latest handmade rug design features quality craftsmanship and high performance

Conceived for complex architectural projects, Fluid is a hand-tufted rug suitable for many environments, from residential developments, to commercial spaces, to interior design projects for the hospitality industry. 

The highperformance yarns are woven using a handmade technique that allows to customize the textures with inlay designs, bouclé and cut pile finishes resulting in one-of-kind pieces. This form of craftsmanship conceived by Deanna Comellini, G.T.DESIGN Creative Director, is applied to designs in relief patterns while keeping an elegant and understated composition of the rug.   

Bringing an unconventional approach to large size rugs and wall to wall flooring, the collection debuts in the exclusive project One Thousand Museum by top international firm Zaha Hadid Architects.  

G.T.DESIGN worked alongside Zaha Hadid’s team on creating the textile component to complement the organic architecture of Hadid’s project. G.T.DESIGN provided the complex and cutting-edge design with the materials and techniques of high level craftmanship. 

Fluid is sculpted entirely by hand. G.T.DESIGN created weaving that could be interpretated as structural elements of the architectural project, as they were designed simultaneously with the pavements. The large dimension rugs were built-in the flooring with an exceptional attention to details. The rug thickness was specifically made to the designers request, as well as the unique hand sculpted motifs, such as waves and geometrical designs. At the same time, Fluid is a high performing rug that is fit for heavy footfall in common areas.   

For the Hadid project Fluid has been realized in the colors carbone (charcoal), ghiaccio (ice), cemento (cement). The Fluid collection features a vast range of personalization by client request, including oversize rugs (more than 9 m width), thickness variations, and finishes. Custom-made colors and designs are available.