“Ce n’est pas un tapis c’est un objet”

The news 2024 introduced with one of the statements that most defined the vision of Deanna Comellini


It was with the “Coconutrug” collection (1986), presented with the statement “ce n’est pas un tapis, c’est un object,” that designer Deanna Comellini declared her original vision of the contemporary rug to the public. Unhinging the hierarchical system, present in the world of furniture, between furniture and textile component, the designer wanted to reinterpret the object rug as a primary object of living, completely detaching herself from the concept of a furnishing accessory.

The reflection, freely inspired by the famous work of painter Renè Magritte, is a provocation. Beware, it declares, this product is no longer a “rug” as commonly understood. Instead, it is a completely new object, reinterpreted according to a different key and in discrepancy with its traditional meaning. If it is the form that is different, so it is the function.

The rug, for Deanna Comellini, is now a space of dreams, a space for questioning the pivotal structures of the furniture and design world.

deanna comellini

Today, more than 30 years after “Coconutrug,” this particular vision that has revolutionized the concept of the design rug is still central to Deanna Comellini’s work.

For the opening of the G.T.DESIGN’s new space in Milan during the Design Week, the brand will introduce the exhibition “Unique”, featuring the latest one-of-a-kind pieces by the artist, designer and art director of G.T.DESIGN since 1977.