The iconic Kama Rug celebrates 20 years at Villa Necchi Campiglio

During the recent Fuorisalone, G.T.DESIGN has presented the iconic Kama collection at the stunning Villa Necchi Campiglio: a mansion surrounded by a peaceful garden in the center of Milan, and a custodian of great masterpieces that evokes the glamour of the high society in between the two wars. 

The original models of Kama, along with an unreleased capsule collection created to mark the rug’s twentieth anniversary, were displayed in the eclectic interiors of the villa, highlighting the beauty of the 1930s architectural style designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi and the pioneering approach of Deanna ComelliniG.T.DESIGN’s Founder and Creative Director. 

Kama Allegro a Piacere
Kama Allegro a Piacere, color Polvere di Stelle, in the fumoir
Kama Allegro a Piacere
Kama Allegro a Piacere, color Bianco Luce, in the veranda

The creative process of Deanna Comellini has always been focusing on the interaction between matter, form, and space, directing her attention for more than 40 years on the contemporary rug’s notion. 

Merging tradition and contemporaneity, her designs are unique, magical. The same happens in Villa Necchi Campiglio: a place where the love of tradition encounters design innovation.  

Kama 20|21
Kama Allegro con Brio, color Paglierino, in the library

We chose Villa Necchi Campiglio as a background for the capsule collection to pay tribute to Italian architecture, art, and design, a constant source of inspiration for my work“, said Deanna Comellini

From the architectural style from the 1930s of Piero Portaluppi to the masterpieces of Tiepolo and Giorgio De Chirico, Villa Necchi Campiglio is a true testimony of the Italian cultural heritage through the years. In addition, the Milanese residence is an emblem of G.T.DESIGN’s values: innovation, elegance, balance, and the capacity to explore new solutions with an original and versatile approach to the project. They are symbols of the Italian way of doing things, and that is why we felt immediately captivated by this special place. We are thrilled to celebrate Kama in this gem in the heart of Milan and to support the mission of FAI, The National Trust for Italy, that protects the country’s natural and cultural assets. 

Cmpi di Gravità
Kama Campi di Gravità Viola Astratto, in the rifles anteroom

Kama features a hand-woven rich and thick viscose fiber that captures light and allows it to fluctuate on its weave.  This one-of-a-kind rug is a best-seller and a trendsetter to this day with a unique brilliance, smoothness, and color depth. 

Kama’s capsule collection includes two styles – Allegro e Piacere and Allegro con Brio – in four different shades: Blu NottePaglierino – absolute novelties – and Bianco Luce and Polvere di Stelle, a re-edition of one of the colors of the original collection. The main features of the capsule collection are the different textures that amplify, even more, the ability of Kama to reflect the light. 

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