Moving Forest on display at the DESIGN Canberra Festival in Australia

One of G.T.DESIGN’s signature rug collections showcased at Home Life, an exhibition about the future of home living.

  • Moving Forest Canberr Design Festival Australia
  • Moving Forest Home LIfe Canberra Festival Australia
Moving Forest 0 | “Home Life” exhibition @Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre Canberra, Australia

Deanna Comellini is among twenty designers included in ‘Home Life’, an exhibit launched at the DESIGN Canberra Festival, focusing on the evolution of home living in recent years with an eye to the future.

In the exhibit, twenty pieces of furniture and home accessories designed by leading Italian designers were carefully selected by curator Elisabetta Pisu to explore the changes, at times radical, in our way of living. The showcased objects outline a different vision of the contemporary home defined through the concepts of comfort, ecology, and multi-functionality.

Moving Forest animato

Among the exhibition’s highlights is Moving Forest, G.T.DESIGN’s signature rug by Deanna Comellini. This rug collection explores the theme of biophilia and the positive effects that shapes and colors of the vegetable realm have on the mindset, emphasizing the rediscovery of a new and more well-thought relationship between architecture and nature.

Moving Forest 0
Moving Forest
Moving Forest 2