An Urban Cottage | Guangzhou

An oasis between minimalism and nature in the metropolitan city of Canton, where In-Canto rugs help create a warm and bright atmosphere for daily comfort

A project by the Shanghai-based architecture firm Lukstudio, “An Urban Cottage” is a private residence designed for the pursuit of serenity and well-being in the contemporary city.

In a minimalist oasis dedicated to re-establishing a contact with nature, G.T.DESIGN’s iconic In-Canto rugs help bring light and warmth to the home environment.

Featuring a magnetic, shimmering texture, these top-quality bamboo fiber rugs create a dialogue with the project’s other natural materials, resulting in a comfortable area with a sophisticated yet understated design.

Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China


Private residence

Photo credits: Wen Studio

Rugs in the project

In-Canto rug collection
In-Canto rug collection