Hotel Margutta 19 | Roma

G.T.DESIGN curates the textile surfaces of the boutique hotel Margutta 19

Located in an ancient palace in the heart of Rome’s historic center, the small Five Star Luxury Margutta 19 hotel combines high-end Italian design with classic elegance.

G.T.DESIGN, part of the interior project with textile floorings, helped create the atmosphere of the small hotel with modern designer rugs in the suites and the lobby.

The In-Canto Tec M rug collection, designed specifically for contract projects, brings a touch of warmth and lightness to the hotel’s richly textured interiors with a sophisticated yet essential style. In-Canto Tech M is the modern expression of a luxurious, high-performance rug with a magnetic and seductive texture.


Architectural project: Arassociati – Studio Berlucchi

Interior design project: Arassociati – Nicola Gallizia Design


Rugs in this project

In-Canto Tec M Collection
In-Canto Tec M Collection
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