Hotel ME Milan Il Duca | Milano

In-Canto Tec M: G.T.DESIGN’s collection of high-performance rugs designed specifically for contract projects

Part of the interior design project for the Hotel Me Milan Il Duca (Meliá Group), G.T.DESIGN furnished the rooms, suites and the lobby with rugs from the In-Canto Tech M collection.

Located inside an iconic building in the heart of Milan designed by architect Aldo Rossi in 1988, the hotel was recently renovated by Italian architecture firm Arassociati.

Designed specifically for contract projects, this collection was chosen thanks to its high-performing qualities and its shine – a feature that G.T.DESIGN manages to maximize through compact volume and soft texture.



Interior decor: Nicola Gallizia Design Studio


Rugs in this project

In-Canto Tec M collection
In-Canto Tec M collection
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