Rug Design for the Summer Home

Discover G.T.DESIGN’s luxury textures made in the finest natural fibers

Our wardrobes change with the seasons, switching different fabrics and styles that fit the temperature and our daily life, warm and enveloping in winter and breathable and airy in summer.

Choosing textiles for home interiors requires a similar approach. G.T.DESIGN rugs in particular offer options for every environment, from a posh mountain cabin to a seaside beach house. 

For the warm season, G.T.DESIGN has created several one-of-a-kind handmade rugs with natural fibers such as bamboo, linen, coconut, and the wild Himalayan nettle, with unique textures that bring a piece of nature inside the home. 

G.T.DESIGN’s summer-friendly collections offer infinite possibilities for a bright season: from crisp and elegant linen rugs, to designs created for outdoor areas, to resistant hand-painted wool rugs inspired by forest hues, all available in vibrant color palettes.

Himalayan Skin

Himalayan Skin

Himalayan Skin is a contemporary rug made in the unique nettle fiber, a wild herbaceous plant sourced from the Himalayan slopes in Nepal. The handwoven rug is produced using the ancient Sumak weaving technique, which involves wrapping weft threads over and under the cotton warp threads creating a braided pattern. A highly resistant rug of understated elegance, Himalayan Skin is available in the natural nettle shade that varies depending on the harvest season of the plant, and in earthy gray and brown colors.

Luoghi wool rug
Coconutrug Terra Fresca
Coconutrug Terra Fresca


These lightweight wool rugs are inspired by surfaces weathered by time; they inject an element of the past into the most sophisticated interior design projects. Entirely hand-painted on both sides, they combine the hard-wearing properties of wool with distinctive colors, making each piece unique and unrepeatable. The hand-stitching and the modular features of individual elements help the designer shape these made in Italy textile paintings. Luoghi combines elegance and function to create a unique atmosphere.

Coconutrug I Glassati

Coconutrug, a  G.T.DESIGN exclusive trademark brand since 1988, is a collection of handmade rugs in top-quality coconut fiber with a unique tactile sensitivity and a new functional approach.

Coconutrug was the first coconut fiber rug in solid rich colors, made using toxic-free dyes. The charming unevenness of hand-weaving is combined with some clever technical ‘tweaking’ for an exceptional texture.  I Glassati, result of G.T.DESIGN’s ongoing experimentation in textile materials, is made with impermeable resins, improving the surface and the aesthetic of the rug used indoors and in covered and uncovered outdoor areas.

Stairs Lino


Stairs rugs, made in intertwined bamboo and linen fibers, are handwoven on artisanal looms. Their resistant weave has a surprisingly smooth texture that gives the carpet a silky appearance. Stairs geometric patterns create a bas-relief effect and an alternation of light and shadows. In addition, the collection includes the refined Stairs Lino rug, made in 100% linen, a favorite summer yarn.

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