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Rugs to Qualify the Architectural Space

ARCHITECT@WORK Spain Newsletter – 28th November 2023

The textile projects of G.T.DESIGN for the contract sector enhance the rug almost as a structural element that adapts to every architectural and interior design project.

G.T.DESIGN investigates how the fabric of the rug captures and reflects light in architectural spaces.


Light is an intangible matter, even if it is the main one, with which the best architecture works. It is also the subject of detailed study in the rug textile projects developed for the contract sector by the Italian company G.T.DESIGN. The brand’s research on how different fibers capture light and reflect it through their textures, converts its proposals into almost structural elements.

Working in collaboration with architects and interior designers, G.T.DESIGN integrates the textile element in each project, with a new contemporary perspective that goes beyond the accessory and turns the rug into an essential component of interior design.

A pioneer in the field of contemporary rugs, G.T.DESIGN was founded by Deanna Comellini, its creative director since 1977.

Her designs combine artisanal techniques with cutting-edge technology used in the production of bespoke luxury products. For its exclusive collections that pay great attention to detail, the company uses premium natural materials and high-performance technical yarns. Also, in their development, the constructive and material characteristics of each architectural project are taken into account for a customized proposal.

One Thousand Museum
Fluid tappeto GTDESIGN
In the project One Thousand Museum, Zaha Hadid Architects, the rug collection Fluid, highly customizable, is handmade in pure wool with 20% of technical fiber.


“I have always imagined the rug as the primary element of living”, explains Deanna Comellini.

Much of her research was inspired by this concept. In the project One Thousand Museum, a Zaha Hadid’s residential development of 62 floors in Miami, G.T.DESIGN has been exclusive partner for the design of textile floorings and custom-made rugs in all common areas and two pilot apartments. The highly customizable Fluid collection has been integrated into the floor and was able to highlight Zaha Hadid’s organic and futuristic interiors and furniture. The specific color palette chosen for this project – that goes from silver, sand or deep pink to different natural shades – has been applied for the same purpose.

In-Canto Tech M by G.T.DESIGN is a high-performing version of the collection In-Canto, designed specifically for contract projects. It has been chosen for the rooms of the Hotel Me Milan Il Duca, owned by the Meliá hotel group.


At Hotel Me Milan Il Duca, part of the Meliá Group, G.T.DESIGN has furnished the rooms, the suites and the lobby with rugs from the In-Canto Tech M and the Kama collections. Installed in an emblematic building designed by architect Aldo Rossi in 1988, the hotel has been renovated by the architectural firm Arassociati. It was decided to opt for this high-performance collection, specific for contract projects, because of its characteristic shiny appearance. This is a feature that G.T.DESIGN has been able to maximize, generating also a compact volume of great tactile feel.

At the Hillside Villa by Saota architects, Los Angeles, the Passo Doppio rug collection by G.T.DESIGN completes the surrounding space. It is hand-woven with high performance technical yarn.


Last year the designer Deanna Comellini was selected by Forbes among the 100 most influential Italian women.

For over 40 years she has experimented combining craftsmanship and industrial design. Deanna Comellini’s idea of ‘imperfect design’ is a philosophy that transcends time, and which is marked by research and emphasis on imperfections to celebrate authenticity. This philosophy is materialized through custom-made and inimitable pieces.

G.T.DESIGN also produces a numerous collection of refined modern rugs, defined by the creative imprint of its artistic director. Her long experience working with premium viscose spinning, also known as bamboo silk, has resulted in innovative designs. This is the case for example for the best-seller Kama and the In-Touch collection, made in ecological Tencel.

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