Design Your Rug with the new G.T.DESIGN’s Feature

A new feature allows users to design their unique Cobblestone rug.

G.T.DESIGN is expanding possibilities for custom-made rug designs introducing an innovative system on the website that enables users to design their unique Cobblestone rug.

Cobblestone custom rug

Cobblestone, a collection of contemporary and sustainable rugs that gives tribute to Italian cities and piazza, features a pattern inspired by the intricate beauty of the historic city centers’ cobblestone paving, replicated on the rug with blocks of different hues.

Made in soft Tencel, one of the most eco-compatible fibers currently available on the market, Cobblestone keeps its shine and captures the light, creating a different environment depending on how the rug is positioned in space.

A design of G.T.DESIGN Founder and Creative Director Deanna Comellini, Cobblestone is the result of research on organic and unconventional shapes in rug design. The collection is available in rectangular and circular shapes, along with the Native formats, a series of designs with an irregular and fluid silhouette between a circle and a square or an oval and a rectangle.

The new easy-to-use tool features a digital drawing of Cobblestone’s blank outline, which enables to fill the rug sections with fifteen different shades, allowing then to customize the rug in infinite color combinations.The palette includes elegant light blues, grays, pinks, and beige colors and contrasting shades such as a bright yellow and a deep red that lend a chromatic depth to the rug.

With a simple click, the final design can be downloaded as a PDF and sent for an estimate or an order.

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