G.T.DESIGN’s Cobblestone Collection Gives Tribute to Italian Piazzas

The new line of Deanna Comellini rugs is inspired by the paving of historical Italian city centers.

Cobblestone rugs

During the months of home isolation, the images of deserted Italian streets and piazzas became a lasting image in the country’s collective memory. Cathedrals, avenues, alleys and city squares, where thousands of people passed by every day, were suddenly empty. A surreal and unimaginable scene, but one that highlights Italian cities’ beauty with their unique and incomparable architecture.

Deanna Comellini was particularly drawn to the intricate design of the cobblestone street of city centers, a backdrop that lasted for centuries of the country’s history. It isn’t a coincidence that the creative director of G.T.DESIGN, a brand pioneer in the contemporary rug industry, was captivated by the city paving. It became an inspiration for her new Cobblestone collection, conceived as a tribute to Italy and its recovery from one of the most trying periods of its history.

The motif of the collection mirrors the typical cobblestones of historic centers in Italian cities, with their uneven geometry and shades replicated on the rug with blocks of different hues. The color palette plays on the tones of blues and beige, with shades that seem to mix and blend with each other spaced out by contrasts that capture the eye and lends chromatic depth to the rug. Tencel, the extraordinarily soft fiber used in the collection, is one of the most eco-compatible fibers currently available in the market. It is obtained from easily-renewable sources, with a production process that has a low environmental impact. The resulting cellulose-derived fibers are soft, light, breathable and biodegradable. Similar to viscose, Tencel keeps its shine and captures the light creating a different environment depending on how the rug is positioned in the space.

AD - Deanna Comellini

Cobblestone is a new chapter in her research of organic shapes. The three models featured in the new collection have undefined forms and are open to interpretation. The exclusive collection is part of a project started by Comellini with the Native Format, a series of rugs with a unique, irregular and fluid shape in between a circle and a square, that debuted at the 2018 edition of the Fuori Salone in Milan with the UltraNative collection. Two new formats are now added to Deanna’s original concept. The Native format evolves by extending on the sides of the rug, creating a hybrid of oval and rectangular shapes with Cobblestone-B, and then extends further, resulting in a rounded rectangle with Cobblestone-C.

Cobblestone is a unique collection thanks to its “expandable” format, suitable for custom-made flooring of interior design projects.

Like all of Deanna Comellini’s creations, this collection is designed through craftsmanship where along with the artisan skills, the materials play a role in creating the pattern, giving it body and volume.

With an independent approach unphased by passing trends, Comellini has a holistic vision of the interior design project where her creativity, combined with the materials, sets her exclusive collections apart.

The design process, through the research of shapes and the study of colors, features ancient techniques that produce evocative products, creating a dialogue with the environment of who uses them.