G.T.DESIGN celebrates Aldo Rossi’s Legacy at the Museo del Novecento

The illustrious Museo del Novecento in Milan is giving tribute to one of the leading figures in architecture and design of the Twentieth century with a new exhibition, “Aldo Rossi. Design 1960-1997“, currently on view until October 2. Showcasing 350 objects that belonged to the renowned architect, the event is supported by G.T.DESIGN as part of Founder and Creative Director Deanna Comellini‘s mission to celebrate the legacy of Italian architectural masters through her textile art.

Deanna Comellini’s strong affinity with Aldo Rossi‘s approach to design has inspired Chiara Spangaro, the exhibition curator, and Morris Adjmi – MA Architects Studio, leading the project, to include G.T.DESIGN’s creations in the galleries hosting the exhibition. An antique pink Kama, the iconic rug with a sumptuous reflecting weave that just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and the exquisite Paglietta, a modern rug featuring jute fiber in gray and beige shades, discreetly add a tactile component to Aldo Rossi‘s world made of furniture, prototypes, models, paintings, and sketches.

Aldo Rossi mostra MI - Kama part
Kama Rosa Antico rug by Deanna Comellini
Aldo Rossi mostra MI - Paglietta
Paglietta Fango rug by Deanna Comellini
Kama Rosa Antico rug | Paglietta Fango rug @ Museo del 900 Milan

Bridging past and present is a common element in Rossi and Comellini‘s work, with frequent references to historic Milanese farmsteads architecture for Rossi and G.T.DESIGN’s loyalty to the traditional techniques of textile craftsmanship. At the same time, their focus on modern needs is matched with a firm belief in an ethical and cultural responsibility toward society.

Aldo Rossi is the author of projects such as Quartiere Gallaretese, a residential development featuring internal connecting balconies with the purpose of combining domestic intimacy and social relations. Deanna Comellini‘s creative process shares a similar ambition by imagining the rug as a living area created for interior and exterior spaces, a place to reconnect with the earth and to share with others, as she explains: “On the rug, you sleep, eat, pray, and listen. I imagine a home where the rug is the unique object.”

To mark the event, Deanna Comellini designed a textile object for the kitchen that pays homage to some of the architect’s most renowned work, the coffee makers, highlighting the esthetic and attention to detail of his daily use objects. The circular handmade wool mat is a playful addition to the cones and cylindrical figures of Rossi‘s designs. It is available at the museum’s bookshop throughout the exhibit’s duration.

G.T.DESIGN’s participation in this exhibition is the first of a series of collaborations with the Aldo Rossi Foundation to bring to light designs that are part of the legacy of the Master. In addition, the brand continues to enrich the work of leading architects of our time by integrating the textile component, conceived as a true form of art, into their vision.

Museo del 900
P.za del Duomo, 8, 20123 Milano
April 29th 2022 – October 2nd 2022