In-Canto: Lightness and Enchanting Luxury

In-Canto is a modern expression of a luxury rug with a light yet seductive weave. Made with top-quality fibers, this sophisticated yet understated design brings warmth and lightness to any space.

In-Canto is the product of G.T.DESIGN’s extensive research in textile fibers, particularly in the use of viscose in rug design. The shimmering and soft properties of bamboo viscose are highlighted through a contemporary manual weaving technique developed through years of work with this yarn.

A trendsetter in the industry, In-Canto has inspired countless reproductions that could never quite achieve its high quality and stunning beauty. Creative Director Deanna Comellini designed In-Canto to be deliberately lightweight and plush, classic and contemporary.

In-Canto rug collection

Only 8 mm thick, the rug features a precious and magnetic weave that gives an unparalleled tactile and visual experience while seamlessly blending in its surrounding.

In-Canto‘s weightless, elegant, and captivating texture makes it a versatile and design element in any space. It brings a minimalist touch and lightness to traditional interiors and softens and embellishes modern environments.

In-Canto ecru rug collection

“The name is a play with the Italian word incanto, meaning enchantment” – notes Deanna Comellini – “That is how I felt when I first saw the rug, enchanted and delighted by what we were able to achieve”.

Made in fiber sourced from plant cellulose that doesn’t cause deforestation, In-Canto is a vegan and sustainable rug that uses non-toxic and azo-free dyes. The designer did an accurate color study inspired by the Italian Renaissance for the collection, creating a unique palette of understated yet vibrant shades such as Acque, a deep green, Paglierino, a raw gold, and Platino, a discreet silvery hue.

The collection also includes In-Canto Acquerello, with four color combinations that create a watercolor effect. In-Canto Forte, a highly resistant striped design made in viscose and jute fibers.

In-Canto can be supplied made-to-measure in widths of up to four meters and in a round version on request.

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