Kama Day @ the Richter Hotel

The Richter, Moscow’s destination design hotel, hosted Kama Day, an event celebrating G.T.DESIGN’s iconic Kama rug’s 20th anniversary.

The Richter’s Secret Room, a space dedicated to art and design exhibits, displayed two styles from Kama’s new capsule collection created to mark the anniversary: Kama Allegro a Piacere and Kama Allegro con Brio.

The Richter is a modern design hotel in a landmark 19th-century mansion where contemporary design is combined with the heritage of architect Fyodor Richter. The restoration project, curated by Anastasia Efimova, Artur Makarov, Serdar Yanikov and Silvia Alexandrova, has preserved the splendor of the original structure of the building while incorporating modern design elements to the rooms and public spaces.

A cultural hub in the Russian capital, the Richter Hotel is where the respect of tradition meets design innovation, reflecting Deanna Comellini’s creative philosophy that made G.T.DESIGN the true pioneer of the contemporary rug.

Need more info about the two new Kama styles? Contact us: info@gtdesign.it