Deanna Comellini illustrates some of her favorite works

A selection of her home’s objects and works that have influenced her career as a designer

Deanna Comellini designer

Founder and Art Director of G.T.DESIGN Deanna Comellini, choses the design objects in her home that she prefers and the works that mostly have inspired her creations throughout the years.

The products she has selected here are “rigorous and innovative, as they were created combining a deep knowledge of materials and the discipline of design with a great freedom of expression.” For this reason, they are all projects in which Deanna Comellini finds a strong affinity with the philosophy that inspires her work as a textile designer.

“The products that strike me the most, and that I also try to make, are those that contain a perspective for the future and that are not strictly bound to their time. These are objects that are done well, with attention to details, made with expertise in the use of the materials and sensitivity in the design of the forms.”


Plia Chair

606 Bookshelf

Asango Vender Table

Plia Chair, Giancarlo Piretti, Anonima Castelli 1967

My first encounter with design. An icon of 1970s modernity, all Bolognese.

Bookshelf 606 Universal Shelving System, De Padova 1984

– An order to disorder that lets objects live.

Asnago Vender Table, Mario Asnago e Claudio Vender, produced by Pallucco, 1936

A timeless object that still represents the future in its lightness and extraordinary elegance.

Wishbone CH24 Chair

Parentesi Lamp

 The Shaker Small Table

Wishbone CH24 Chair, Carl Hansen & Son 1950

An ideal chair for sitting at the table with conviviality.

Parentesi lamp, Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù, Flos 1970

The iconic lamp of industrial design. The genius of design.

The Shakers Small Table, Shakers, progetto del 1820

The Shakers were a Protestant congregation founded in 1747, they were the inspiration for many modernist designers and paved the way for minimalism. Simplicity, utility, and honesty.


Performative Project, Café Müller, Pina Bausch

Book, “Six memos for the next Millennium”, Italo Calvino

Movie, Parasite, Bong Joon-ho

Performative Project, Café Müller, Pina Bausch, 1978

– In Pina Bausch I recognize the desire to create spaces dedicated to the expression of emotions. With my creations I would like to offer a similar perspective.

Book, “Six memos for the next Millennium”, Italo Calvino 1988

– A book to consult often. To keep on the bedside table.

Movie, Parasite, Bong Joon-ho 2019

– A beautiful, perfect-looking house, a metaphor for the biggest problem plaguing societies in industrialized countries: inequality. A masterpiece of storytelling.

Manifesto of the Third Landscape, Gilles Clément

Church of the Light, Tadao Ando

Manifesto of the Third Landscape, Gilles Clément, 2005

– When Mother Nature (or nature) is left free to express herself, without constraint, she creates landscapes capable of surprising us, and to be inspired by.

Church of the Light, Tadao Ando 1989

– A sublime work.

From “Ville e Giardini” January 2021