A Special Detail Enriches the Rugs of the “Luoghi” Collection

The collection, consisting in a modular system of hand-sewn sections, expands its range welcoming new pieces featuring a secret pocket

The wool rugs of the Luoghi collection by G.T.DESIGN are inspired by surfaces aged by time, bringing an element of the past into the most sophisticated interior design projects. The collection designed by Deanna Comellini, has recently expanded its range of rugs with new pieces featuring a special detail: a secret pocket.

Entirely hand-painted on both sides, the Luoghi rug collection combines the wear-resistant properties of wool with a distinctive palette, making each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Tappeto in lana Luoghi

Lightness and warmth are the predominant qualities of this collection. These ultra-light rugs work according to a modular system of hand-sewn sections, resulting in a collection of unique textile paintings.

  • Tappeto Luoghi con tasca
  • Tappeto Luoghi con tasca
  • Tappeto Luoghi con tasca

The basic colors, as well as the color of the stitching, can be combined at the customer’s request. Luoghi can be produced in any size.
Inserting a pocket in a rug is a choice loaded with significance: the pocket represents a space to store and protect what we want to take with us, what makes the place we inhabit our own.

Luoghi oasi

The rug is the earth-platform on which we were born. It is just like us. It is the first element in the creation of an intimate and domestic atmosphere. In the home, it represents the scent, the habits, the poetry. The rug is an archaic symbol that G.T.DESIGN transforms into something contemporary, a part of everyday life, a sign that indicates the boundaries of our personal space.” explains Deanna Comellini.

The Luoghi collection was presented during the last Milan Design Week as part of the ‘Unità Abitativa’ installation, displayed in the courtyard of honor of the State University of Milan: here the rug was presented as a refuge, a garment that travels with us, an essential element for modern nomadism.

Unità Abitativa
Unità Abitativa Deanna Comellini