Rime: Between Poetry and Nature 

The new In & Out rug collection by Deanna Comellini inspired by the shapes of primitive botany and the rhymes of poetry 

Inspired by the shapes of primitive botany and realized in high-performance yarn, Rime is the new In & Out rug collection signed by Deanna Comellini  for G.T.DESIGN, which will be showcased to the public at the Tricolore Design Hub during the Fuorisalone 2023 in Milan. 

Designed for modern spaces where interiors and exteriors blend and succeed each other, Rime recalls the soft and perfect shapes of fern leaves, where soft strips of fabric alternate freely inspired by the spontaneous poetry of nature, poetry from which the collection also takes its name. 

A project of Deanna Comellini, founder and Art Director of the brand, Rime is designed to repeat its shape in space and in turn gives life to new unique compositions, just like rhymes in poetry. 

After the Kama capsule collection 20|21 inspired by the world of classical music and presented in the wonderful setting of Villa Necchi Campiglio during the Fuorisalone 2021Deanna Comellini keeps drawing inspiration from Italian culture, to which the brand is deeply connected, marrying values such as innovation, elegance and balance.

“The natural world is full of elements that repeat endlessly, creating sublime rhythms and harmonies. This new model is designed to be repeated in space several times, to recreate the game of rhymes that makes nature so poetic.”, says Deanna Comellini.

Made on a hand-braided technical yarn that is non-toxic, Rime summarizes all the optimal characteristics for an outdoor rug: it is developed to withstand wear, especially UV rays, chlorine, salt, bacterial contamination, and to be stain-resistant.

Available in a color palette that goes from blue to green tones and in various unusual shapes, Rime consists of modular elements that adapt to the needs of any project, be it indoor, outdoor or contract, replicating harmonious arrangements just like plants in nature.